πŸ’Ό How it works?

Unlock the power of facial recognition for user authentication and duplicate detection with FACE IDENTITY. Follow these simple steps to integrate our cutting-edge service into your application.

:arrow-right: Flow chart :

Check out the flow chart to understand the behavior of FACE IDENTITY first.

πŸ”‘ Step 1: Determine Your Target Users

Your Task:

  • Decide which user group(s) will benefit from facial recognition-based authentication and duplicate detection.
  • Use 'Collections' to organize user groups according to your objectives.


  1. Provides the 'Collection' feature to manage user groups efficiently.
  2. The first group is automatically provided. Use more as needed.

🌐 Step 2: Add FACE ID

Your Task:

  • Collect facial images from users and send them to ARGOS.
  • Include the user distinction Parameter with each submission to ARGOS. This parameter is vital for matching data within the ARGOS database accurately.

Note: Add FACE ID does not store facial images, a crucial point for user privacyβ€”please inform users accordingly.


  1. Processes the submitted images, converting them into indexed vector values without storing the images.
  2. Responds with the vector values of the indexed faces for future reference.

πŸ” Step 3: Search Face

Your Task:

  • Again, collect facial images from users for authentication and send them to ARGOS, ensuring no images are stored in Search Face.
  • Include the user distinction Parameter with each face search request for accurate processing.


  1. Converts the submitted facial images into vector values through indexing.
  2. Compares these vector values against the FACE IDs stored in the Collection, identifying and responding with matched FACE IDs.

Through this intuitive process, FACE IDENTITY empowers you to implement advanced user authentication and duplicate detection seamlessly. Start enhancing your user verification processes today!

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