🏗️ Platform structure

🚀The Basics

This document aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our product structure, ensuring you can seamlessly navigate and utilize our services to their full potential. Let's dive into the components that make up the Argos Onboarding Wizard.

🌐Workspace: Your Central Hub

The workspace serves as the cornerstone of the Argos Onboarding Wizard. It's the top-tier space where you manage the foundational aspects of our services. Here's what you can do within your workspace:

  • Member Management: Add or remove team members to ensure the right people have access to the right tools. (Currently, ARGOS admins can add them)
  • Plan Settings: Customize your subscription plan to fit your organization's needs, scaling up or down as required.
  • Account Management: Keep your account details up-to-date, including billing information and contact details.
  • Alarm Settings: You can configure to receive notifications for important events or milestones that occur during the course of using Onboarding Wizard.

🛠️Product: Tailored Onboarding Solutions

Our platform offers three specialized products to cater to diverse onboarding needs:

User Onboarding:

Designed for personal user onboarding, this product leverages biometric and identity information to streamline the onboarding process for individual users.

Business Onboarding (Coming soon):

Focused on corporate partners, this product utilizes business information and underwriting assessments to facilitate a smooth onboarding experience for corporations.

Module API (Coming soon):

This is a suite of engines that allows you to integrate specific functionalities of our user and corporate onboarding processes into your platform. It's designed for flexibility, enabling you to customize the onboarding experience to match your platform's unique requirements.

📁Section: Unique Management Functions

Within each product, you'll find specific sections that offer unique management functionalities. These sections are the essence of the ARGOS experience, providing convenient and efficient ways to navigate through the onboarding process of each product.

✨Features: Detailed Onboarding Management

Dive deeper within each section to discover a variety of features that allow for fine-tuned management of the onboarding format. These features are designed to give you control over every aspect of the onboarding journey, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for users and businesses alike.

By understanding these four key components of the Argos Onboarding Wizard, you're now equipped to navigate our services with confidence. Whether you're adding new members to your workspace, selecting the perfect onboarding product, or customizing the onboarding experience with specific features, Argos is here to support you every step of the way.


Welcome onboarding, and let's make a seamless journey together!

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