πŸ”Ž USE Cases

FACE Identity leverages facial recognition technology to support personal onboarding, offering innovative improvements in security, personalization, and authentication processes across various sectors. Below are some use cases where FACE Identity can be applied:

🌐 Enhanced Account Authentication

  • Case description: When users create a social media account, an additional authentication step through facial recognition is introduced. During account creation, users are prompted to submit a photo of their face, which is then registered with FACE Identity. Subsequently, for logging in or performing significant account changes, facial recognition is used to verify identity.
  • Advantages: Verification of account authenticity, strengthened personal authentication, prevention of impersonation and hacking attempts.

πŸ’‘ Personalized User Experience

  • Case description: Content or advertisements are personalized based on the user's facial data. For example, when a user's face is recognized through the camera, tailored feeds can be provided by analyzing the user’s interests or past activities.
  • Advantages: Improved user satisfaction, better targeting of content, increased user engagement.

πŸ›‘ User Protection and Impersonation Prevention

  • Case description: Based on existing users' facial data, attempts to create multiple accounts by the same individual are detected and verified. Additionally, it blocks attempts to create accounts using stolen photos of others.
  • Advantages: True user protection, prevention of impersonation and fraudulent activities, enhanced platform trust.

πŸš€ Rapid Problem Resolution and Support

  • Case description: When an account faces issues, such as lost passwords or suspected hacking, the owner can be quickly verified and supported through facial recognition. This method is faster and more secure than traditional recovery methods like phone numbers or emails.
  • Advantages: Increased speed and efficiency of user support, streamlined account recovery process.

πŸšͺ Security Access Management

  • Case description: In corporations, schools, and public facilities, traditional ID cards or passwords are replaced with facial recognition technology for entry management. FACE Identity quickly recognizes individuals' faces, allowing only registered users to enter.
  • Advantages: Fast entry processing, no risk of loss or theft, and high security.